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Let’s look at the negative effects of consuming too much salt. Of course, our bodies need salt. for the balanced functioning of the cells in the body. But too much salt It affects our bodies as well. Says Kaleigh McMordie for healthy people. Moderate to high salt intake can be handled by our bodies. But if it has been in excess amounts contact for a long time. It will definitely affect the body. It is recommended that we should consume less than 2,300 milligrams of salt per day. O r about 1 teaspoon only. but most people will consume about 3,400 milligrams per day

It’s been many years. that experts believe that sodium causes high blood pressure The inability to control blood pressure is lead to many health problems including heart disease Blood clots and kidney disease Kaleigh McMordie says some people’s bodies are very sensitive. Especially if anyone has high blood pressure. the more you have to be careful. The food we eat at restaurants is high. It is also full of fat. and high energy. So if our health is not healthy have high blood pressure You should cook your own food at home UFABET

However, experts argue that If we eat sugar and salt in normal amounts. Not too much or not too little it will not be dangerous but if too much long continuous. Therefore, in order to consume both sugar and salt. We must check the amount we eat each day, each meal. And pay attention to foods that have high nutritional value. such as whole grains, milk and fresh fruit.