Fans begging Elon Musk to buy ‘Ghost’ instead of Twitter

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Manchester United fans have pleaded with billionaire Elon Musk to take over the club instead of spending $43 billion on Twitter, with

Tesla owner Musk making an offer of around $43 billion. Coins (£3.1 billion) to buy social media The media outlet has come as his own

, with Musk admitting he is unsure if the Twitter takeover offer will be successful and United fans have urged him to switch to the club.

It is already known that the “Red Devils” fans are against the Glazer family. The current owner of the club hard since the takeover in 2005

earlier, the Glazer family. Pledged to invest in the club both on and off the pitch. Including setting up for football fans to have the right to vote at the board level

However, no promises have come true and they are currently seventh in the Premier League table. Including losing the right to win the championship in all

competitions, talksport host Andy Goldstein, who is also a fan of Manchester United, wants Musk to buy the club he loves instead

“Elon, Elon withdraw” Let’s make an offer, go buy Manchester United, spend £2bn on the best player in the world, grab everything and brag on Twitter,” Goldstein tweeted,

another fan contributed by tweeting. “Buy Manchester United, prove that not all American owners are spoiled!”

Another fan said. “You’re a great businessman who fixes a lot of companies. Would you mind buying Manchester United? The company needs to be fixed and you are the one who can make it happen. Plus, it’s free to advertise yourself!!”

The vast majority of Manchester United fans have also expressed their desire for Musk to take over Glazer as the new owner.