Nagelsmann reveals he received death threats following UCL exit

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Julian Nagelsmann revealed that he received death threats on social media Media after Bayern Munich were knocked out of the Champions League by Villarreal,

Bayern suffered a 1-0 defeat away to Villarreal. First leg of the Champions League quarter-finals

They have a chance to make amends when they return to play at home this week. But in the end, a 1-1 draw saw them knocked out of the Champions League.

“I know I will always be criticized by everyone. That’s normal and I can handle criticism,” said Nagelsmann,

“but getting 450 death threats on Instagram isn’t easy.

” Nagelsmann took over as Bayern’s trainer by replacing Hansi Flick, who waved goodbye to last summer

His side now lead the Bundesliga by nine points and look to end their year with another league title.

“If people want to kill me, that’s one thing. But they wanted to hurt my mother too. My mom didn’t even care about football.”

“I don’t understand. As soon as they turned off the UFABET TV, people threw away all manners. And they think they’re right, that’s weird.”

When asked if he intended to use the law, Nagelsmann replied: “I would never have done that. I get messages after every game whether we win or lose

. Of course, there will be more messages when we face defeat.”