Pokdeng is how to play

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PokDeng is how to play . PokDeng online. is the game in online casino It is a card game that has a strong point. and how to play that is easy to understand by the highlight of this card game is to count the points with the cards that you You will receive only 2-3 tickets/round.

Because of this, the Pokdeng card game is a card game that finishes the round quickly. Not protracted and most gamblers People who like to play fast games will especially like this card game. Because this online bounce will make you money fast. Let’s see what the payout rate of Pok Deng.

Pokdeng is how to play

Pok Deng is one of the gambling games in Thailand. that everyone is well known No matter how you ask anyone how this game is played. What are poker cards? I can assure you that there must be at least 8 out of 10 people answering. How to play Pokdeng to win ? How to play Pokdeng is that the dealer will deal cards to the players until the end of the circle, 2 cards per person by giving the dealer the last person. When both cards are complete. ทางเข้า UFABET

payout rate Pokdeng online

1.Tong card or Stetfudge is all 3 cards are the same number, the payout rate is 5, bounce, for example, bet 100 gets 500 baht.

2. Arranged cards are all 3 cards arranged in a row. There is no need to have the same flowers, such as numbers 4 – 5 – 6, pay 3, bounce, bet 100 baht, get 300 baht, but if it is a sort + flower card, it will pay 4 bounce immediately.

3. Master cards or yellow three are all 3 cards that are all English (J, Q, K), pay 3, bounce, bet 100, get 300

4. Pair cards are cards that are the same number in the first 2 cards, such as 3 and 3, pay 2, bounce, bet 100, get 200

5. 2 bouncing cards with the same suit are cards of any number It doesn’t have to be the same number. But let it be the same flower, such as 7 spades and 2 spades, get 2 times, bet 100, get 200, don’t invest

6. Three cards of the same suit are all three cards do not have to be the same number. but must be all the same flowers, get 3 bounces, for example, bet 100, get 300, excluding capital