Sic bo online, get real money, get paid up to 150 times!

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Sic Bo online for real money or sicbo from Thai folk gambling games that many people know and are familiar. With how to play well At present, there has been a development of playing styles via mobile phones that are modern, fast, and most importantly. The profits are higher than playing in traditional casinos. and not jeopardizing the law in Thailand as well

so it’s not strange at all The gamblers turned their attention. Apply for Sic Bo online, get real money with an overwhelming online casino website. Play Sic Bo with a gambling website through online Real deposits and withdrawals International. Service Standards The rules are accurate and transparent, you can play 24 hours a day without holidays.  สมัคร UFABET

Hi-Lo online, get real money via mobile phone, minimum bet of only 10 baht!

Sic Bo online, get real money via mobile phone, a way to make money that anyone can play immediately just have equipment mobile phone. Win a game of Hi-Lo online, mobile anywhere, anytime. Place bets through live games from the dice board that meets international standards 

Hi-Lo online, minimum bet 10 baht, special conditions That gives opportunities to gamblers of all professional levels. Join in the fun and win prizes. With a starting money of only 10 baht, there is less and less play. There are a lot of bets. The highest profit, at the most expensive payout rate of 150 baht!

The format of playing Sic Bo online, mobile provides the best payout rate.

1. Favorite betting style bet on numbers that appears on the dice. There are payout rates as follows: 1 dice correct bet pays 1 time. Correct bet 2 dice pays 2 times, 3 dice correct bet pays 3 times

2. Toad betting pattern, straddling 2 numbers, such as 4 and 6. If there are two dice, 4 and 6 will win immediately, receive a payout rate of 5 times

3. High-low betting pattern Predict the total of all 3 dice, divided into low scores of 3-10 points. High scores of 11-18 points, payout rate is 1 times.

4. Even-odd betting pattern Predict whether the sum of all 3 dice will be an odd or even number, the payout rate is 1 times.

5. The pattern of betting on double numbers Guess the points on the dice out of 2 identical balls, for example 6 and 6, the payout rate is 8 times.

6. Tong betting style numeric form If all 3 dice come out with the same points as stated, for example 3-3-3, get the highest payout rate equal to 150 times immediately.

7. Tong betting style unspecified number Predict that all 3 dice will have the same score for all 3, with the result being any number, the payout rate is 24 times.

8. The pattern of betting favorites win total points of all 3 dice by dividing the payout rate according to the number of points as follows