‘The Ricketts family’ withdraws the Chelsea takeover

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Satisfied with football fans when Ricketts family Confirming they have withdrawn anchor. From a takeover offer, Chicago Cubs baseball owner Chelsea

and their partners have decided not to make a final offer for Chelsea. With the report saying it was because they were “incredible”. He and his partner failed to agree on the details of the offer.

Tom and Lora Ricketts teamed up with American billionaires Ken Griffin and Dan Gilbert to make an offer. Takeover “Sing the Blues” is pure cash.

The final deadline for submitting an offer to Rain Group was last Thursday. but in the end Ricketts family also chose to withdraw from being a

candidate “The Ricketts-Griffin-Gilbert group It has been decided not to make a final offer to buy Chelsea after careful consideration,” the statement read.

“In the process of finalizing the proposal, it became increasingly clear that there were some obvious issues that could not be corrected. Due to the unusual movements involved in the process of selling the club

, we have a lot of admiration for Chelsea FC and their supporters. We wish the new owners all the best.”

The Ricketts Family The protests were met with fierce opposition over what their clan leader Joe Ricketts had inflicted on in an email leaked in 2019, when

fans rallied outside Stamf Stadium. Nord Bridge led Ricketts to release several statements.

Still, the report states that the protests from fans did not play a part. Ricketts family Decided to withdraw an offer to buy Chelsea

Their withdrawal leaves only a consortium led by LA Dodgers co-owner Todd Bohly, Sir Martin Broughton and Boston co-owner Steve Payuca. The Celtics are the last three candidates for the club takeover