De Bruyne praises Manchester City’s high standards and never gives up.

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De Bruyne praises Manchester City high standards and never gives up.

De Bruyne joined Manchester City in 2015. He has won the FA Cup twice with the club.

Manchester City Kevin De Bruyne says. He is proud to be part of the team. With a team that never gave up accepting any defeat after entering the FA Cup final again.

The 32-year-old commander returned to the field for the team again. After going through a long injury recovery period since the beginning ufabet of the season. and came back to do an excellent job In the most recent game, he played the full 90 minutes in the 1-0 victory over Chelsea and reaching the FA final. The Cup is the 13th in the club’s history. Less than three days earlier They were just heartbroken and eliminated from the Champions League quarter-finals.

“I think the team was able to perform very well throughout last year. The team’s standards were set very high. After our great success last year, We played three events until the middle of last week. Today we have two programs left to play. But if looking at the overall picture of the whole year The team’s performance was unbelievable.”

“I am proud to be a part. It is an honor to play on this team that shows great team character. For me, this year is a different time than last year. It was a strange time. I’m coming back after a long injury break. Of course, people expected to see the performance before the injury. But it is something that takes time to get back to where you were before. But I will do my best to get there. Of course I’m happy now,” De Bruyne said.

De Bruyne has play a total of 375 games, scoring 101 goals and 166 assists in all competitions for Manchester City.