Chelsea insists not interested in Vlahovic.

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Chelsea are reportedly not interested in signing Dusan Vlahovic. Which leaves Juventus in trouble in their pursuit of Romelu Lukaku from the Blues.

It is believed the Bianconeri are prepared to offer Vlahovic to Chelsea in return for Lukaku, along with €40m.

However, Sky Sport Italia correspondent Fabrizio Romano and Ben Jacobs in England insist the Blues have no intention of agreeing to a deal with Vlahovic.

Their agent contacted Zebra to inform them that the gap between Juve’s valuation of Vlahovic was too high. And despite their respect for the player. The Blues will no longer pursue the idea of ​​a swap.

Chelsea felt Lukaku plus €25m was a more reasonable offer, while Juve still wanted €40m. UFABET

This gave the Serbia international star even more hope. And he made his debut in a friendly with the youth team, scoring two goals.

But he could leave the club this summer. With PSG and Bayern still looking for a center forward. But it depends on the situation of Kylian Mbappe and Harry Kane.

It has been reported that Juve intend to sign Lukaku regardless of Vlahovic’s problems. Although raising funds to buy him for €35m is becoming more and more difficult. If the Serbian striker cannot be sold